How to Connect NetSuite with Power BI and Tableau

Using the ODBC driver to connect Power BI and Tableau data sources to NetSuite

image of guide to connecting netsuite with power bi and tableau

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  • How to Connect NetSuite with Power BI and Tableau Data Sources

  • How to Use the ODBC Driver for NetSuite

Whether you use Power BI, Tableau, or both tools, it's critical to make sure they are connected properly to your NetSuite ERP system. Failure to do this can create data quality issues and redundant data, and ultimately, you will miss the opportunity to draw sales, HR, and financial insights from the data collected by your business intelligence and reporting tools. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough and images for each step of the setup process, so you can save time and confidently integrate Power BI and Tableau with NetSuite. Learn more about accelerated NetSuite consulting services.


Connecting NetSuite to an ODBC Data Source

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