Integrating NetSuite and Tableau

Professional services firms and project-based companies deal with an immense amount of timesheet data. This white paper addresses how ennVee transformed its employee timesheet data into actionable business intelligence and analytics by integrating NetSuite with Tableau.

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ennVee is a professional services firm that provides ERP consulting services to companies around the world. As a project-based company, ennVee employs a mix of full-time and contracted employees (consultants). All employee timesheet data is processed through a disparate, home-grown tracking system built on top of NetSuite.

This White Paper Explores:

  • What professional services organizations stand to gain by using enhanced analytics to track and trend timesheet data.

Why This Is Important:

Professional services organizations need the right tools and processes in place to effectively track the utilization of billable consultants and project teams. Taking timesheet data from a back-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system like NetSuite, and transforming it in a business intelligence tool like Tableau, helps identify utilization trends and improve forecasting.

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