R12.2 upgrade assessment output

Identify all impacted customizations and get a complete upgrade project plan

ennVee's Oracle EBS R12.2 upgrade assessment helps you prepare for upgrade by identifying all impacted custom objects and required code changes, and building you a complete project plan with timelines, resources, and cost options.

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Assessment Deliverables

custom objects list

Custom Objects List

A complete list of impacted and potentially-impacted custom objects, required code changes, and estimated effort for remediation and testing.

upgrade project plan

Complete Project Plan

We build a detailed project plan with deliverables, timelines, resources and skillsets, approaches, and not-to-exceed pricing options.

compliance report

Compliance Check

Identify all potentially impacted and non-compliant objects, obsolete APIs in code, and changed object references.



Reduce project work

Reduce manual effort to the bare minimum with automation


Shorten downtime window

Error-free custom code remediation and migration


Reduce RICEFW costs

Automatically remediate and migrate your EBS customizations


Faster go-live

Shorten the overall duration of your R12.2 upgrade

How it works

Step 1
Our team conducts the assessment remotely through VPN, RDP, or Citrix.

Step 2
We run our proprietary ennABLE tool to automatically identify all custom objects, including any impacted and potentially-impacted customizations in your Oracle EBS instance.

Step 3
After, we analyze each object for the number of required code changes and level of time and effort needed to remediate and test each object.

Step 4
Finally, we present to your team a compliance report and complete project plan with timelines, resources, and not-to-exceed pricing for your R12.2 upgrade.

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Frequently asked questions

Whether you decide to upgrade to R12.2 internally or use a third party, you need a project plan with a defined budget, scope, approach, resource plan, timeline, etc. Plus, it also helps to know what custom code will break and how to fix it. 

Our assessment saves you time by handling the pre-upgrade project planning tasks. It also gives you a clear picture of the cost, time, and effort required to upgrade so you can better manage your R12.2 upgrade.

Learn more about ennVee's automated Oracle EBS upgrade remediation tool.

The update assessment takes approximately 4 - 6 weeks to complete.

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