Unify disparate sales data between Oracle E-Business Suite and Salesforce CRM

A leading manufacturer uses Oracle E-Business Suite as the central repository for sales orders, customer, and site information, while its sales team primarily uses Salesforce CRM to create sales opportunities. Neither system was integrated and required data to be entered two times, manually, which often created data quality issues like duplicate entries.

Forging a single source of truth between CRM and ERP systems helps eliminate duplicate data, manual data re-entry, and provides valuable productivity improvements. This white paper will help you understand the Oracle EBS to Salesforce CRM integration process and how to use MuleSoft Anypoint to build the integration. 

Topics covered

  • The steps to integrate Salesforce and Oracle EBS using MuleSoft Anypoint Studio 3.8
  • Making Oracle EBS the single source of truth for customer data and sales order information
  • Resolving data quality issues and eliminating redundant data entry

sfdc oracle ebs integration white paper

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