Intelligent Automation of Channel Partner Promotions & Rebates in NetSuite

A manufacturer of wireless broadband solutions uses a three-tier channel sales model to sell its solutions through a channel network of more than 3,000 distributors. Employing dynamic pricing strategies like promotions, price exceptions, and deal registration rebates, has helped the client accelerate revenue growth, but created a number of challenges:

  • The rebate calculation process and disbursement of credit is done manually
  • There is little governance or visibility into the rebates and promotional prices being issued
  • Distributors lack the ability to track the status of promotions and rebates claims

ennVee partnered with the client to build and implement a Promotions and Rebate Portal, and automate the entire process of rebate calculation, which would make the process more efficient and require less manual effort.

Why This Is Important

Most companies still rely heavily on manual processes to perform daily activities like fulfilling transactions. This lack of automation negatively impacts the accuracy and efficiency of executing and tracking these types of activities. It is important to understand which business processes are highly-manual and how to incorporate automation to make them more efficient. This white paper explores:

  • Implementing a Promotions and Rebate Portal to improve the Channel Partner experience, and reduce the amount of time required to fulfill a promotion or rebate.
  • Automating the entire rebate calculation process, checking against claims and creating a credit memo in NetSuite using the rebate module in NetSuite.
  • A detailed visualization of the solution process for integrating the Partner Rebate Portal solution with NetSuite ERP, Model N PoS, and Channel Management.
  • How the solution addressed gaps within Finance, Channel Management, Product and Sales, Operations, and Channel Partner groups.
  • Six lessons learned during the project, including: how to avoid environmental issues, overcoming the challenges of moving from a paper-based system to an automated system, and more.