Mastering Oracle EBS R12.2 Development Standards and Editioning

The complete guide to Editioning, Database Object Development Standards, and Object List and Preferred Schema in Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.


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What This Handbook Covers:

  • The concept of Editioning in R12.2
  • Object List and Preferred Schema in R12.2
  • R12.2 Database Object Development Standards
    • Tables
    • Views
    • Materialized Views
    • Synonyms
    • Sequences
    • Indexes
    • Triggers
    • Functions, Procedures, Packages

Why This Is Important

Editioning is a critical component in Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2. It allows Oracle EBS patches to be applies while the system is still running. In addition to this, there are many new development standards that make 12.2 one of the most technically-complex releases of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Learn more about what the expect when upgrading to R12.2 and the automated tools and processes that can help you shorten the process.

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