Oracle Discoverer has been unsupported for a number of years, and while many organizations continue to use it, at some point, a transition to a new and supported platform is inevitable. In the interim, it's helpful to understand which replacement tools are viable and what to expect during and after the migration.

This case study covers the process for migrating from Oracle Discoverer to the Reports Wand platform. Insight Software's Reports Wand platform provides real-time operational reporting in Excel for Oracle EBS. If you're still deciding where to migrate, check out our Oracle Discoverer migration guide.

Discoverer to Reports Wand migration case study. Thumbnail.

Areas covered

  • The steps involved in migrating from Oracle Discoverer to Reports Wand
  • How ennVee automatically identified, extracted, and migrated reports from Discoverer to the Reports Wand platform using the ennSight tool
  • The benefits of choosing Reports Wand as a replacement for Oracle Discoverer
  • Examples of Discoverer reports converted to Reports Wand

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