How a custom solution resolved a major concern with regards to handling quotations, sales orders, sales invoices, and order fulfillment with 1000+ line items from front end GUI window, for a leading name in the Poultry Equipment Manufacturing industry in India. 

The customer struggled with building quotations, sales orders, and sales invoices with 1000+ line items because of the addition of multiple groups and assemblies under each item with multilayer BOM underneath. In addition to this, NetSuite’s governance-based limitation that restricts entities with 1000+ lines from editing via front-end GUI caused a limit violation issue. A custom Suit-let-based page was built that enabled the customer to seamlessly either upload or create a basic quote/sales order with high-level item groups and assemblies alone.  

Areas Covered:

  • Custom Suit-let based page 
  • Detailed BOM explosion 
  • Window to query the existing quotes, sales orders, or customer invoices  
  • 1000+ line items/product lines 
  • Functional – Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Order Fulfilment 
  • Technical – Suitlet Script, Server-Side Script, Suitetalk 

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