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Oracle Discoverer

Free 1-Week Migration Assessment


Migrating your Oracle Discoverer reports is a complicated process not devoid of surprises.

The conversion process requires too much time and manual effort, and you may be surprised to discover there are far more reports in your environment that initially estimated (most of which could be outdated or duplicates with one or two minor changes).

ennVee's free 1-week migration assessment helps you save time and eliminate uncertainty by automatically identifying all Discoverer reports and building a customized project plan and road map. The assessment also include a free Proof-of-Concept where we migrate one Discoverer report to your platform of choice.


We automatically identify all Discoverer reports and elements by:

  • Report type
  • Total number of reports and elements
  • Owner
  • Department/Business Unit
  • Frequency Ran
  • Duplicate or triplicate
  • Complexity
  • Scope
  • Milestones
  • Conversion Timeline(s)
  • Resourcing Plan
  • Rationalization
  • Time and Effort Estimate
  • Fixed-bid or not-to-exceed pricing options to migrate to your platform of choice.
We will convert 1 Discoverer report to your platform of choice. 

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