Migrating from Oracle Discoverer to SSRS in 8 Weeks

How a prestigious college enriched its business intelligence and reporting with a Discoverer reports migration to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

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What you will learn from this case study

  • Using the ennSight Tool to Atomatically Identify and Extract Reports from Discoverer Prior to Migrating to Microsoft SSRS.

  • How the College Successfully Migrated to Microsoft SSRS in 8 Weeks.

  • Common Migration Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them When Migrating from Discoverer to SSRS.

  • A Use Case for Migrating from Oracle Discoverer to Microsoft SSRS.

Organizations are more data-driven than ever, and their reporting needs have superseded the functionalities provided by Oracle Discoverer. The end of life for Discoverer presents the opportunity to migrate to a self-service platform, but the challenging part is determining how many reports exist, and the most cost and time efficient way to convert or migrate them.

This case study addresses each of these factors to help you better understanding what to expect during your own migration initiative. If you are still deciding where to migrate, check out the Discoverer Replacement Guide.


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