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The increasing rate of student admissions and desire to move to university status created new data challenges and opportunities for a private, US college. As part of its strategic plan to develop its business analytics reporting capabilities, the college sought to transition all reporting from the unsupported Oracle Discoverer tool to IBM Cognos. The migration to Cognos included transforming the college's most vital data assets from reports created in Discoverer into actionable, meaningful insights.

What you will learn from this case study

  • How all reports from Oracle Discoverer were automatically identified and extracted using the ennSight tool prior to migrating to Cognos.
  • How a university transformed its vital data assets into actionable and meaningful insights in Cognos.
  • How to overcome common challenges when migrating reports from Discoverer to Cognos.
  • A use case for selecting Cognos as a viable replacement for Oracle Discoverer.

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