Oracle Discoverer is no longer supported and self-service reporting is a "need to have". Evaluating a replacement for Oracle Discoverer can be challenging when you factor in uncertainties like the amount time, cost, and manual effort required to implement a new platform and extract, convert, and test your existing reports to make sure they work in the new platform. If you are leaning towards IBM Cognos as a replacement for Discoverer this case study will help you understand what to expect when migrating reports from Discoverer.

What you will learn from this case study

  • Conducting a detailed assessment to identify all Discoverer reports and consolidate duplicates, triplicates, and outdated reports.
  • Rapidly extracting Oracle Discoverer report SQL and metadata with the aid of ennVee's automation tool, ennSight.
  • Common challenges encountered during a Discoverer to Cognos migration and how to overcome them.
  • The Discoverer to Cognos conversion process from initial assessment to testing and deploying the converted reports to production.

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