Migrating Oracle Discoverer reports to Cognos in 4 weeks

How a university used the end of life for Discoverer as an opportunity to improve its reporting capabilities.

image of discoverer to cognos migration case study

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What you will learn from this case study

  • Automatically Identifying and Extracting Oracle Discoverer Reports Before Converting to Cognos in 4 Weeks. 

  • The Steps to Migrate From Discoverer to Cognos.

  • Automatically Extracting the Discoverer Report Metadata using ennSight.

  • The Value of Consolidating Total Report Count Prior to Migrating (i.e. Reducing 9,000 Reports to 500).

  • Overcoming Common Discoverer to Cognos Migration Challenges (Converting Parameterized and Cross-tab Discoverer Reports).

Oracle Discoverer is no longer supported and self-service reporting is a "need to have". Replacing Oracle Discoverer is challenging when factoring in the cost, time, and effort required to select a replacement and convert the existing reports. This case study outlines a use case and breaks down the steps involved in extracting and converting Discoverer reports to Cognos.