Building an Interactive Online Portal and Award-winning Product eCatalog
This case study covers the journey towards digital transformation for a leading manufacturer of automotive brake parts and accessories.   

In this case study you will learn:

  • How we designed an interactive digital portal and robust eCatalog that provides exclusive access to all product and technical information.
  • How the eCatalog was awarded the "Automotive Content Professionals Network Award" 
  • The process for building a "Technician Portal" - a social community and learning hub catering to technicians and shop owners, and features instructional content, training course schedules, and loyalty rewards promotions.
  • The process and benefits of implementing a Customer Order Management capability for smart inventory visualization, online price look up, and one-click quoting, ordering, and tracking.
  • How manufacturers can boost customer engagement with micro-branded sites, multi-lingual content, and mobile-enabled responsive design
  • Ways to reduce Product and Marketing team reliance on IT for updating content and launching promotions

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