Read how a cloud-based information portal was created for a leading distributor of pharmaceutical products in Nigeria and Ghana to foster information flow amongst the stakeholders. ennVee offered a user-friendly, easily navigable application available on the web and mobile, with inbuilt controls for access and data integrity for the customer.

Using a tech stack comprising JavaScript Framework, Angular 10, and HTML, a solution was created to bring all stakeholders of the customer’s business on a common platform. ennVee architected, designed, developed, and implemented a Cloud-based portal that served as a window for all stakeholders involved

Areas Covered: 

  • Description of the window creation based on the client’s offerings
  • Technology Stack deployed
  • Interface between the application, Oracle EBS, and interface with the client’s website 
  • Content templates and content curation
  • User onboarding, training and support journeys
  • Outcomes for the customer and stakeholders

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