Best Practices for an Oracle CPQ Implementation


Increase Sales Efficiency and Reduce Risk

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Are you interested in incorporating an Oracle CPQ solution into your sales practice?

Learn how you can increase sales efficiency and reduce risk by following best practices for an Oracle CPQ implementation.

What you will learn during the webinar:

  • How to establish targets
  • Team alignment
  • Implementation methodologies
  • How to design phases and prioritize rollout
  • CPQ Integration considerations
  • Data review and cleansing
  • Training considerations
  • Success measurements

We will explain recommended best practices and review lessons learned from our CPQ experiences.

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Oracle CPQ provides a flexible, scalable, enterprise-ready configuration, pricing, and quoting (CPQ) platform. This is ideal for companies that sell products and services of all varieties. By using Oracle CPQ, enterprises can improve selling processes for faster sales cycles, improve margins, improve pricing discipline – and ultimately, improve customer satisfaction. Oracle CPQ was engineered to support organizations large and small, simplifying the most complex business requirements within a single, flexible sales enablement platform.

Learn how to optimize processes and create unified relationships between your CRM, CPQ and ERP systems. Typically, your CRM will collect relevant data, the CPQ will interpret how to price and quote information and pass that information to the ERP/Order Management system. Your CPQ solution will impact Sales, IT, Finance, Marketing, and Product Management teams. With so many different parties interacting with the sales process, it’s important your data is properly centralized for reliability and accuracy.

Learn what is needed to access the full capabilities of Oracle CPQ. The offerings of Oracle CPQ simplify sales, improve efficiency, and maintain accurate and personalized proposals. In order to have a successful CPQ implementation, business alignment and change management are key. Your delivery framework will need standardization methods for integrating new data and new sales processes to ensure optimal user adoption.

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At ennVee, we help organizations to optimize complex sales processes and enable accurate, real-time information for their products and services. We help accelerate sales and improve margins by centralizing business rules, product data, and pricing logic.