Migrating an on-premise application to Azure Cloud

One of the largest not for profit charities has depended on a Results Management System (RMS) to store all data related to donors and compile data based on various demographics such as age group, location, etc.

A major pain point was the significant amount of manual effort required to performing any maintenance, enhancements, or bug fixes. In an effort to streamline these processes, the organization decided to migrate to Azure Cloud.

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This white paper explores:

  • How a non-profit address major pain points related to hosting a business critical application on-premise.
  • The process of migrating an on-premise application to Azure Cloud
  • Tips for making sure your Azure Cloud migration is done correctly
  • The business benefits of migrating to Azure including simplifying application administration to allow users to focus more on building reports.
    • Enabling users to focus more on building reports from 

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