Upgrading to 19c

An Oracle database upgrade from prior versions to latest version 19c certified with Oracle EBS 12.2.x allows companies to implement new functionalities which improve business processes and increases productivity. This creates a more stable environment for Oracle EBS customers who have adopted a new version of the technology stack together with a new applications code level via a major release upgrade.

Download the white paper to learn more about:

    • Key Upgrade Steps from prior versions like 11gR2, 12c and 18c to 19c database
    • Key considerations for the Upgrade specific to the EBS versions.
    • Best practice in combined Upgrade.
    • Character Set and Database directory requirements
    • Multitenant architect conversion
    • Challenges when using Symbolic paths and NFS file system etc.
    • Container Database(CDB) and Pluggable(PDB) configuration.
    • Latest Security Patches.


Benefits include:

  • Better performance,Scalability, Reliability and Security for all their Operational and Analytical Workloads, whether for Deployment On-Premises, In-Cloud or In Hybrid configurations.
  •  4 years of premium support(through March 2023) and a minimum of 3 years extended support(through March 2026)
  • Choice of Autonomous Data Warehouse or and Autonomous Transaction Processing service as 19c is a GA release(available in OCI only).
  • Schema Only Accounts and Private Temporary Tables in OCI.
  • Automatic- Table reorganization,Table encryption and Indexing Methodology
  • Improved Software Stability
  • Multitenancy Architecture- self contained pluggable databases(PDB)